Saint John Paul II thinks you can.

In his 1991 encyclical, Centesimus Annus, on the hundredth anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's, Rerum novarum, Saint John Paul II wrote:

"For an adequate formation of a culture, the involvement of the whole man is required, whereby he exercises his creativity, intelligence, and knowledge of the world and of people.  Furthermore, he displays his capacity for self-control, personal sacrifice, solidarity and readiness to promote the common good."


Fr. Geroge Rutler comments, that "the greatest figures in history have been the saints, for their spiritual influence is more long-lasting than even their political impact.  Consider two saints that the Church celebrates this week."  He sets before us an example of two saints, St. John of Capistrano and St. John Paul II, who transformed the culture in order to help people rediscover a "common good" and to see more clearly what it is that we define as "civilization" and why it needs saving.

Today, by your battle for personal sanctity, and in and through the little things you offer to God in your everyday, you help propel society towards a civilization of love.

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